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2 Today

2 Years Old Today


Can’t believe the two of you are 2 today!

I actually still remember the day this photo was taken, the day we found out mommy were expecting you. We curiously looked at the screen and heard the heart beat and then the Doctor said “congrats, you are pregnant”, showing us on the screen where you were (I still can’t see you) and then he said: “And here’s the other one!”


Your 1st Photo

Very casually he just let it be known that you… were two!

Shock Yes! But excited we were. I knew from the start that we would be blessed with a little girl and a little boy, dunno how I knew, I just knew, I didn’t have to read the cards or swing a pendulum to know that (I’m psychic, of course I knew).


All went well until a very casual, normal visit to the OB/GYN on 6 Feb 2019.

The doctor did a scan and took your measurements and the other normal things that she usually do, and then she said. “You need to be in hospital for observation” Another Shock, we didn’t quite get it, like when? NOW?



Yep, that Wednesday afternoon, mommy got booked into (at least a Private Room, by accident) in Pretoria East Hospital. There she got hooked on to a monitor that checked your vitals every few hours. It was very scary. We weren’t sure what was going on. You were suppose to be born in April/early May and that would make you, like me, an Aries. A stubborn, impatient little Aries.

Little brother took that title a bit too literal and was very eager to come out and meet us. Something to do with the blood flow and reverse blood flow.

Every night I would visit mommy and sneak in Steers take-away food, because… hospital food. I would eat, go home and sleep on the couch in front of the TV. Watching movies till early in the mornings.

The 9th

Saturday Morning, the 9th. I woke up, going about my business, then mommy called, it’s time! You will be arriving very soon. Mommy just asked me to grab some stuff for you two and bring with to the hospital.

I think it took me 10 minutes to grab your stuff, shower and get dressed and be on the highway, racing towards the hospital. Then mommy phoned and said there’s no rush, she’s only going in at 11. Ok, I was shaking so much, but slowed the car down (wish I still had the fast car).

I arrived at the hospital in a blur and don’t remember much.

I remember putting the mask and scrubs on and entering the delivery room.

The doctor injected mommy and the anesthesiologist asked if I would like to take photos, or if he could, I handed him my phone, wouldn’t want your very first photos to be a blur.

Just after 11 the two of you were born, actually within a few seconds of each other. Sister first, and then little brother.

The tiniest little things I’ve ever seen. Brother, your weight arriving into this world were 809g and sister you were 1.096kg. How you survived is amazing. Thanks to the awesome nurses and doctors at the hospital that looked afer you, forever grateful!

You were put on oxygen and were removed from the room.

I was able to see you for the first time just after 3 the afternoon, and then I had to go look for more stuff that you needed. It wasn’t until after 8 that evening that mommy got to see you for the first time, they brought her into the NICU in her bed to see you.

So so very small. We weren’t sure if you were going to make it. You stayed in the hospital for a total of 97 days. Probably the longest 97 days of my life, never counted that many days before but must be!

And here you are today, 2 years old! Happy Birthday Ayden & Jayde.

The past 2 years were a roller coaster. We survived. It was fun, and not so much fun at times, but we’re looking forward to the rest of your lives.

You Two~!

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  1. Wonderful, gives me goosebumps. Congratulations 🌈💖🎉

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