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A Bouquet

Day 16 – A Bouquet – a Bunch of Flowers

I had the idea to buy a bouquet every week, for the fiancée, you know… and then I have something to photograph every day as well…….. If you’re not pretty then you better be clever!!!!

So after gym and doing some work this morning, I set out to go to the mall in search of a pair of Jeans. I then went to the florist to look for a nice bouquet.

As I drove I realised there’s almost as many plant nurseries as there are hairdressers around me, and there’s A LOT of hairdressers around here.

I found a nice bouquet with a variety of flowers in, YES. That’s a win, a flower a day!!!

I also found out the flowers, the majority of them are called Chrysanth or Krisant. After more research I found an amazing website about plants and flowers, Candide, and on there I read that Chrysanth is also known as Daisy, Krisant and Aster.

“Chrysanthemum is a genus containing around 38 species of herbaceous perennial plants and hundreds of cultivars”


You learn something new every day! Seems they have an APP as well to identify plants, maybe something I should consider.

Day 16

2 thoughts on “A Bouquet

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  2. Beautiful blend of colors…

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