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A Cactus

Day 6 – A Cactus

Day 6 was a rush today to catch the last light. Somehow it slipped my mind to take a photograph today for photo-a-day.

Well after the twins took their bath and they were all fed, I rushed outside to be able to get some available light from the early setting winter’s sun. The idea I had was going to take a bit of setting up, so I took a photo of one of our cactus plants on the patio.

Day 6

I actually really like the edit of this. By accident I used a preset for a ocean edit I did a while ago where I dodged some highlights on the waves. By applying it on this photo it added what looked like shadows that were cast by something, so I cleared that edit and dodged some highlights on the background of this photo to make it look like light coming through a window or something. I LOVE IT!


If I’m going to make this photo-a-day a success I should #1 Remember to take a photo,! and #2 Manage my time and plan ahead of the day what I need to do to set up the shot!

2 thoughts on “A Cactus

  1. I love the lighting of this one too. …Again I love the mid-tones.

    1. Thank you so much. The original didn’t look as nice. 😊

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