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A Daily Meditation Practice

Meditating Daily

I recently bought the book, Spiritual Practice for Crazy Times by Philip Goldberg

I think it is much needed in my life. Actually, anyone’s life in these crazy times we live in.

It’s been quite a while now that I’ve felt disconnected from Spirit/The Universal/Goddess/Source, and needed to find my way back to a (if not daily) regular practice, a Spiritual Practice that makes me feel…better.

Daily Meditation Practice
We are all One

This book showed up in my Amazon recommended list, probably because I read The Surrender Experiment: My Journey into Life’s Perfection by Michael A. Singer

Anyway, I’ve started reading the book on my Kindle and quite enjoy it so far. It starts off talking about meditation, and gives you two different types of meditations you can try. I’m happy and comfortable with the breathing meditations.

I’ve meditated for a few years, on and off, mostly off. Meditate for a few days, skip and forget for a few weeks, maybe months, and then start again.

It’ s strange, because I actually noticed some positive things in my life a few years ago when I had a regular meditation practice. But you know what they say, you forget about those stuff when it all goes well, and only ‘need’ it again when things are going bad.


But I’m used to it, you know, I guess it’s an Aries trait; giving up too quickly, and when you start it needs to be done NOW! Story of my life.

I’ve started meditating daily again, just 15 minutes. That’s my MAX for now. I discovered that when I meditated for only 10 minutes in the past (cause Aries) it wasn’t enough and it was over before it started. That’s why I always gave up in the past; my meditation session is over before it really started. With 15 minutes, the good stuff happens after 10 minutes!

According to the Spiritual Practice for Crazy Times website some of the stuff you’ll discover which I’m eager to learn more about are:

  • Ways to access the sanctuary of peace and fortress of strength within you.
  • The different forms of meditation, with instructions for meditating deeply.
  • How to develop a spiritual routine that fits your personality, beliefs, and lifestyle.
  • Ways to create sacred spaces, in your home and outside.

Have you read Spiritual Practice for Crazy Times or The Surrender Experiment?

What did you think of it? And do you have a daily/regular meditation practice, or spiritual practice that keeps you sane in these crazy times?

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