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A Dead Leaf

Day 33 – Dead Leaf


Not much to say.

It is going to be a slow weekend, a long weekend, no plans really.

I took a walk in the garden, wondering what I could photograph today…

I actually thought of photographing my gemstones/crystals. I recently discovered them again.

There was a time when I ‘believed’ in the power of crystals, so I thought what a perfect way to reconnect with them again, photograph one every day, do bit of research on them and share that. Might start doing that next week… Mmmm

But… I saw some dead leaves lying around, and thought what a great idea, photograph some of the last dead leaves lying around. As a way to say goodbye to Winter and Hello Summer!!

To make this a relaxed weekend, I’ll be photographing a dead leaf every day!

So here is the first one. After playing with the angles. I decided on this one.

Dead Leaf
Day 33

The next photograph makes me think of Sierra Games, their logo, from way back in the early 90’s, dunno if that company still exists.


Here’s to a peaceful weekend!

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