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A Very Happy New Year!?

Happy 2021

Wishing You a Happy and a Very Blessed New Year!

We Made it! I never thought that we will see this day but here it is: 31 December 2020. We can only hope that the New Year will be a happy one. I think 2020 was a great teacher and now in 2021 we have the opportunity to apply what we’ve learnt… if we so choose!

Yes this New Year’s Eve is a strange one; under lock-down, need to be home by 21:00, not allowed to go buy booze and no parties. At least we bought some alcohol the day before the new lock-down were introduced and for the past few years we went to bed way before midnight on NY Eve and now with the twins here, we’ll definitely be sleeping way before midnight.

New Year’s Resolutions

I’m changing the word ‘resolutions’ to ‘intensions’.

Might mean the same thing but resolutions I don’t stick to, intensions sound more serious and I might just stick to that.

But do I have any New Year’s Intentions? I’m not actually sure.

I just want to be happy and do things that make me happy. I want to give more attention and focus to my art and make that a bigger priority in my life. It’s been too long that I’ve neglected that part of me. I can’t make other people happy if I’m not happy. So next year will hopefully be more artsy, I need to get my camera out more, take more photographs and make more art & hopefully sell more of my prints. That’s my biggest Intention!!

Happy New Year
Happy New Year – 2021

Other than that I want to blog more, connect with more peeps online through blogs (I’m a bit over social media) and follow blogs that interest me.

That’s about it. In general I just want to be happy and more positive and enjoy life, who knows how long we have left.

Take care. See you next year.

Bright Blessings!! xo

3 thoughts on “A Very Happy New Year!?

  1. May your intentions emerge from the depths of you like the grain of a wood beam, just being intrinsically there. I feel that you have spoken your intentions and they are going to come and meet you at the right time through out the year. Best wishes.

    1. Ah Thank you so much! and Best wishes for you and the new year!

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