the art - beauty in the ordinary

If you are longing to reconnect with Mother Earth.
If you are seeking beauty in the ordinary.
If you are looking for joy in nature.


If you are looking to fill an empty wall in your home or office with something beautiful, you will find it here.

I make walls pretty.

Beautiful photographs of flowers and nature, printed on stunning Hahnemühle Fine Art paper as well as ready to hang premium stretched canvas.

I photograph flowers and the natural world around me.

Finding beauty in the ordinary.

With the use of different angles and perspectives I photograph the perceived flawed and imperfections to show the beauty.

It’s a philosophy, a metaphor for life, that we are ALL beautiful in some way as well as flawed in some way.
NO ONE is perfect, yet EVERY ONE is perfect.

Wall Art For Home and Office Walls, Art and Decor
My art on walls

My passion has always been nature and still life photography and in 2019 I decided to slow down the photographic race I was trying to run and felt the need to reconnect with Mother Nature.

I've always loved nature and worshiped the Earth Mother but seems I've lost the connection to Her.
By photographing her gifts I seek to find my path back to the Goddess once again.

Photographing mostly flowers and the natural world around me, celebrating Mother Nature and Her cycles, her fragile & fierce nature and sharing her beauty through fine art photography, I try to show that we are all connected... to each other... to nature... to Her.

Photographing nature and creating beautiful art for home or office walls, bringing the beauty of the Mother Goddess to any home.

the artist - the original wallflower

About The Artist: Eugene Venter

My name is Eugene, flower & nature photographer from South Africa, currently living in Pretoria with my fiancée, our twins (a boy & girl) and our rescue dog, Gypsy.

I'm mainly a self-taught photographer. It's only later in my career that I could afford to complete a diploma in photography.

In my pursuit of a photographic career and dreaming of becoming a full time photographer, I’ve done it all, just about.

Like most photographers new to the craft I started with Wedding Photography.
I photographed events and concerts, actors and Opera singers, models and bodybuilders and a DJ or two.
Head shots, product shots and even a photograph for a billboard, a CD and a book cover too.
A few photographs were published in magazines and newspapers and even a nude calendar.
I also photographed dogs. My last gig was as a pet photographer, specializing in dog photography.

Now I'm here.


About The Artist: Eugene Venter

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