Welcome Traveler.

My name is Eugene. I’m the photographer/artist here and I photograph the natural world around me:

The beauty of Mother Nature.

I seek to capture her essence and her beauty with every photograph I take and I share that beauty here on my website & blog.

My aim is to give people something to look at when they look up…

… when people look up from their computer screens, their cell phones and their busy lives I want them to see something beautiful. That is the reason why I print and sell my photography as wall art for home and office walls.

I’m currently living in Pretoria, South Africa with my fiancée, our toddler twins (a boy & girl) and our rescue dog, Gypsy.

I try to do something creative on a daily basis. I’m either posting a blog post here, having prints made, editing & sharing some of my old photographs or playing with light outside in nature or inside in my studio photographing something pretty and creating something beautiful.

If you would like to know more, feel free to follow my blog or subscribe to my Newsletter below, it’s really just an email with updates every now and then and it is free, and it keeps us connected, like everything in nature.

Contact Me

Have a thought to share or a question for me? Fee free to mail me on gene@genev.co.za alternatively you can use the form below to make contact. I reply to all emails and usually do so within 48 hours.


Every now and then I send out a little email, call it a newsletter if you want… but it’s really just an email.

My dream is to inform you about events where you can see and buy my art, but for now I’ll mostly just email you with minor updates to keep in touch.

Where to now?

Feel free to look around my website.

I would love to get to know you too. Send me an email message above, or follow the links below to my shop & personal blog.