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oH Hi! I’m Eugene Venter, and you are so very welcome here.

I’m currently living in Pretoria, South Africa with my fiancée, our twins (a boy & girl) and our rescue dog, Gypsy. The goal, to move to the coast real soon.

I’ve always been interested in the Mystical & Magickal things of life. I’ve had one or two imaginary friends and believed that anything was possible. I believed in the power of crystals and speaking magickal words.

I miss those days! I miss the me that believed in Magic, or magic with a k.

I’ve been interested in photography since I can remember.

Photography for me was magic, especially growing up with Polaroids; you pressed a button on this big black box and out comes a square paper, by shaking it vigorously images appeared on it… How was that not magic?

I’ve decided to pursue my passion for photography. One. Last. Time.

I’ve always been a photographer, but never quite living my dream. 2020 gave me a ‘death bed’ perspective; I had a flash of what it would be like to lie on my death bed (if I would be so lucky) and think about my life… Would I be happy that I did everything I could to be a photographer/artist/creative and to share my art, be creative, live my dream and enjoy life?

You can guess the answer I got!

I’m here now…… Would I be able to ‘make it‘ this time around?

The Past, The Present, The Future…

Ocean Dream

I wanted to be a photographer since I was about 6 years old and pursued a photographic career since about 2000.

After all the photographic endeavors I’ve settled one last time on fine art/still life/nature photography, it was my first passion.

After photographing almost every genre I’m back to my first and original love, the thing that brought me the most joy where I can be the most creative.

Throwback Thursday

I’ve created this website back in 2019 with the intention to have a platform to showcase my photography again. I also decided to blog again as a way to be more creative and to share my work and my thoughts on my own platform, and just to have a place where I can figure things out.

A place on the wild wide web where I can bring my passions together, be more authentic, share my creativity, my art, my thoughts and a little of my life where I can feel at home.

A home where I can create magick everyday. My happy place.

The world is mean and can be a terrible nightmare, I want this to be a safe haven for me and you. A non discriminatory place where all is welcome.

If you would like to hang around you are so welcome, and I would appreciate the company!

So welcome you!

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Contact me

Please feel free to contact me via email: gene@genev.co.za should you be interested in purchasing my art, or just to share a thought or two. You are also welcome to use the form below to contact me.