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An Offering

Day 31 – Offering to the gods

People all over the world, from all religions and spiritual practices give some kind of offering to the gods, or spirit, or nature or the ancestors. There are as many different kinds of offerings as there are religions… NO, bit more, people… As many kinds of offerings as there are people!

People offer different things for different needs. Some offerings to the gods are for prosperity, health, safe travels, a good harvest, victory in battle, protection, save journey for departed spirits/souls, gratitude, or any other human need one might have.

People also offer different kinds of things. Like for example; food, money, even blood, or time, burning a candle or incense can also be seen as an offering. (Blood might be seen more as a sacrifice than an offering… fine line)

Some don’t believe in gods or a God. And see the offerings they give as a type of energy exchange with the universe, we are all part of the whole, and we are all connected, so it makes perfect sense… to me!!

Day 31 and it was time to get rid of the bouquet… It lasted a long time… 15 days to be exact… OKAY some, if not all of the flowers were already dead, actually the pink chrysanths still had some life in them, but it was time to clear the vase…

So I decided to offer these flowers back to the gods/universe/earth mother as a way to give thanks, thanks that I could use these gifts from mother nature as part of my project to learn more of my craft and my creativity.


Thanks for the new season and warmer weather.

Thanks for our health.

Thanks for family and friends, old and new, although we don’t see some of them face to face.

Thanks for creativity and inspiration.

Thanks for pretty flowers and nature that is waking up after a long cold winter!

Day 31

3 thoughts on “An Offering

  1. I love this post and the way you explain it… And your photo. I have to think about what I offer… I think it is my life… My living life that is… To my Creator in gratitude… Very thoungt provoking thank you.

    1. Thank you so much. 🙏
      The best gift we can offer is to live our lives and use our gifts.

    2. Thank you 😊

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