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Angel Wings

Day 23 – Angel Wings from a leaf

I walked past the vase with the bouquet in this morning and my eye caught this leaf. With the other ‘petals’ on I saw a Star pattern from the layers of the leaf. I thought it would make a nice photograph.

I took the leaf, placed it in a pot with sand and tried to photograph the Star. I used the macro lens and tried the 50mm lens as well. Just didn’t look right.

I sat there, looking, contemplating… then I saw it; the two top leaves looking like Angel Wings. YES.

Angel Wings
Day 23

I took the other leaves off and it looked perfect against the black background.

Not what I initially had in mind, but still very happy with the end result.

3 Weeks

Monday I ‘celebrated’ 3 weeks doing this personal challenge.

3 Weeks on and I’m still enjoying this challenge.

I’m trying to figure out why this challenge (so far) is different from previous Project365’s I tried…, and failed, by not completing the year. Although I never said how long this challenge is going to go, just a photo-a-day.

One reason could be because I have a goal, and that is to create more art. Creating and maybe even photographing something worth printing and selling.

That’s the reason I don’t photograph random things like with a previous project/challenge, but actually set out to create a piece that could possibly be a piece of wall art, something beautiful that I can print and hang on a wall, and sell it.

I have to say looking at a the photo from Day 1 and comparing it to yesterday, or today’s photo, I sure made a lot of progress. (Not even talking about day 2) It’s not really that I learned a new skill, I think it was just skills that were left dormant because it’s been so long since I photographed and created ART that I ‘lost’ my skill a bit…

They say if you don’t use it, you loose it!

I found it again!!

2 thoughts on “Angel Wings

  1. Well done on keeping up with your personal challenge. Making more art is an awesome goal. And I like your angel wings.!

    1. Thank you. Yeah making more art is the goal. And enjoying the process.
      As if it gets easier the more I do it.
      Practice makes perfect they say. ☺️

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