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Another Daisy

Day 9 – Just Another Daisy

It’s just a sad day today, this whole week, a sad, sad, sad day in South Africa, riots and vandalism everywhere. The Country is Burning!

For now we in Pretoria are still safe, but we don’t know where or when the rioters are going to hit.

I just came from the shops, I had to go buy milk and nappies for the twins, most of the shops are already closed. The big PNP is still open, and it seems people are panic buying, but so far there’s no chaos, it’s just busy.

I got the nappies and the milk formula for the twins and as I stood there waiting to pay I can’t help but look at all this in awe and can’t help but think of the apocalypse or something bad and crazy that’s about to hit.

BUT, I try to be positive and not focus on the negative, not denial, although according to Mayo Clinic: “Denial is a coping mechanism that gives you time to adjust to distressing situations“. Guess we all are allowed to adjust a little, I mean with the pandemic and with the riots, you have to focus or try to focus on the positive or something else, even if just for a little while. You will go crazy!!

I don’t know how news readers sleep at night, I will go mad!

ANYWAY!!!! The Daisy

As I drove into the driveway I got a glimpse of another daisy in our garden. The little daisy plant has 3 flowers (well 2 now) on, all are missing some petals.

I thought this Daisy might be a nice photograph for today, I needed something pretty to focus on, also decided on a macro photograph…, because I miss it.

I like it!

Day 9

3 thoughts on “Another Daisy

  1. I really like your use of tones. It is subtle. And the powdery pollen so delicate. Such a contrast to your news. Yes we are worried here too, in Cape Town. I am glad to hear that you are still safe for now. It is appalling to say the least and very worrying for the Emotional and economic health of the country. Stay safe.

    1. Thank you. It does seems delicate and with the missing petals; fragile.
      Stay safe. Hope you are spared in CT. so far still quiet. Hope it all ends soon. Too much to worry about that as well. 😞

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