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Art Class

On deciding to go to art class

And not attending Art class

Going to art class was what I wanted to do. When I was in Grade 9 (back in the day we called it Standard 7) we were to choose our school subjects for the following year. I desperately wanted to choose art as a subject. But being the good boy that I was I took the advise from the adults and chose the ‘safe’ subjects. You know, the subjects that would get you a job (hopefully). Because ART is not a job.

I chose Accountancy, Business Economics, Mathematics, Biology, English and Afrikaans.

For the next 3 years I regretted not taking Art, every day.

My grades suffered because I was not happy in school and because of some teachers as well. Some teachers should really not be teaching. My mathematics and accountancy grades dropped drastically ever year, until the final year in school when I left Mathematics for Geography and took extra Accountancy classes after school to bring my grades up.

I passed. But Not with art as a subject.

Photography School

When I left school I wanted to go study photography. Always wanted to be a photographer. I found a college, but I needed a dark room to study through them (apparently). I didn’t have that, so I didn’t go study. Left that dream and got the opportunity to work overseas. So on the last day of school, I left for Taiwan to go work there. The company and contract fell through, so we had to come back after 3 weeks.

Got back, found temporary work, until the following year when I decided to go to the UK to work there. I worked in the UK and Scotland for 5 months then returned to South Africa again. Took the safe route and got a job.

Eventually I bought a camera and was able to do photography part time. The Dream had begin!

A couple years ago I was finally able to study photography and received a diploma in photography. It was the best feeling to finally be able to do what I wanted to do since leaving school. I was more or less a self taught photographer, but it was still amazing to finally ‘study’ photography, and have the ‘receipt’ in the form of a diploma.

New Art Class

18 April 2018

I had an epiphany the other day. I might not have been able to go to art class when I was in school, but after reading all the self help books, I realized if I want to go where I want to be, I should do something to move me closer towards my goal/dream.

So I create my own art class.

Everyday I take photos, create art and learn something new, doing something creative/artsy with my photography and see where that may lead. Who knows!

I don’t know what they teach in art class and I don’t ‘speak’ art, but I know if I did attend it back in the day I would have enjoyed it. Now I’m just happy creating and enjoying my own “art class”, playing around in studio and learning more and more every day in the process.

Learn by doing, the best advice I ever received. Not always taken. But it’s so true. You learn so much more by doing the work than just reading. I sometimes forget and just read and never do the work.

The Path

Isn’t it freeing when you finally realize how you got where you are in life? When you can finally look back and see the path that got you to where you currently are? Maybe at the time it doesn’t seem like the path you are on will be leading to anywhere near where you thought you wanted to be, but see that as taking the scenic route and enjoy the scenery along the way. You never know. Maybe you’ll actually enjoy the trip.

Maybe you’ll forget about all the boulders that you had to push out of your path to get to the now, especially if it was quite a long journey to get to the now, or you are still busy on this journey and the end isn’t yet visible. Enjoy the ride, who knows how long we still have left on this road!.

2 thoughts on “Art Class

  1. I so relate to your experience… I was told by my mother who was a graphic artist that I should not study fine art at university because I would not be able to make a living. 🙄🙄 Even although she had studied at university and worked as an layout artist 😅. But you are right we can follow our own unique path anyway and anywhere. How is your artist’s path going?

  2. Parents. Haha. I’ve decided for our twins to do what they want when they grow up. Fortunate to grow up in a world where a career in youtube is a thing. Hahaha.

    I’ve neglected my art path a bit. But now finally getting back into it. Hope for the best. 🙈

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