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Avo & Leaf

Day 37 – Avo & Leaf

A rare photo of an Avo and it’s leaf, from the same tree…

I’m just kidding.

I don’t really have much to say today, not very inspired, not sure why…

We get days like today, don’t we, where inspiration just doesn’t visit. AT ALL.

So today; a leaf with an avo on a white plate. EPIC!

Day 37

Besides not feeling VERY inspired today, (I guess I’m hungry) I also don’t know what I want to photograph tomorrow, yet.

I like to have a vague idea of what I would like to photograph the next day, just so I can plan a bit.

On the bright side, we’re half way through the week! Almost weekend!

3 thoughts on “Avo & Leaf

  1. I love the play with the colour and shapes: oval and oval, green and green. Yes inspiration comes in waves or cycles. Take care.

    1. Thank you. And I didn’t even notice the play on shapes. Thank you. I just noticed that it looks like an eye to me.

    2. 😄😄 Yes it does look like an eye. It is amazing how we uniquely see from our own perspective.

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