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Beauty in the Ordinary

Day 50 – Finding the beauty in the ordinary or flawed

To continue where I left yesterday, I sort of, for now, discovered why I take the photographs that I do?

And my conclusion…. For NOW is:

We are all flawed in some way, and in our world most people are bullied or disrespected or ignored or treated badly or hated for the way they look; be that colour, body features, disabilities… yet, if you take a closer look, get to know people, you will see that there’s beauty hiding there. Not even hiding, you just need to LOOK! Open your eyes and see the beauty in the ‘ordinary’ people around you.

And so that is my WHY.

Yes I take photographs of pretty flowers, but also dead and dying flowers. Flowers with broken petals or even with missing petals, and I try to edit them in a Fine Art kinda way to make them look pretty, beautiful, something worth looking at. Something worthy of attention.

Day 50

I take the time to ‘zoom’ in closer, to find that hidden beauty, and to focus on that perceived ‘flaw’ to make it stand out and make that the focal point, the beauty of the shot.

Here’s 3 more of a bunch of dead daisies I photographed this morning.

Speaking of this morning; We got woken up around our usual wake up time by the most amazing sound ever, well for me, the sound to be woken up by, a Thunderstorm. We had a bit of rain too, not a lot, but enough to wet the paving and give the plants and grass some water.

I hope we are in for a rainy season!

On another note, today is Day 50, of my Photo-a-Day challenge… Can’t believe I’m still at it… YAY ME!

Still looking for my goal with this…… Soon!

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  1. This is a beautiful insight! 🔆🌻

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