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Day 24 – Berries of some sort

I don’t know, it might be berries, it might not.

These were part of the bouquet as some sort of decoration to add some colour to the bunch. Not too sure, I’m no florist, I don’t know why they put this stuff in there. But it gave me something to photograph today.

The end result you see here is nowhere NEAR what I started with.

I thought I would hang these upside down like the leaves, and photograph them. There were 2 stems with ‘berries’ and thought hanging next to each other would look nice. Hanging side by side with a black background, and maybe also make the photo Black & White.

I then thought it looked too dull and boring, it lacked character.

Then I thought maybe it needs some colour in the background, so I used the Yellow flowers from the bouquet as a background.

The fun started when I decided to add some motion in the background. Using a slow shutter speed, and as the photo was being taken I shook the yellow flowers in the background to create a blur effect.

I’m really happy with the end result…

Day 24

Wall Art

I also had to see how today’s photo will look like hanging on a wall.

Here is the result of the berries, framed and hanging on a wall.

Wall Art
Wall Art Berries

The bad thing of creating these wall art mock-ups; now I want to print all my photos because some actually look really nice and might look beautiful on a wall as well… Maybe…

2 thoughts on “Berries

  1. I read this blog yesterday but I was trying to think what those berries are šŸ¤”šŸ¤” still haven’t figured it out. But it does look lovely!

    1. Thank you. Will ask the florist when I go there again. Sure they will know. šŸ˜‰

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