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Black & White and Colour


We called these ‘helicopters’ when I was a kid.

You would throw these seeds in the air and they would twirl back to earth, like little helicopters.

I found one in the garden this morning, and thought, “Why Not?!”

I took the same photo, one with black background and edited as a Black & White Photograph, and the other with a white background, and edited in colour.

Day 56

Because I couldn’t decided which one I like!

White and in Colour


This weekend we are going away on ‘holiday’ for the weekend to Dullstroom. Taking the twins on their first holiday…ever… We’ve only been out of town overnight once visiting friends in Parys, now we going further away, for 2 nights!

Going to be fun… I can’t wait for them to see their first LIVE animals, buck and geese and zebras and horses… HA I think they will have fun and will enjoy it!

60 Days

Friday also marks 60 Days of taking ‘a-photo-a-day’, and I’m contemplating, thinking, if that would be a good number to end my personal project. I had no real goal in mind when I started, maybe I just wanted a little push, a little kick to get going, be creative again and start doing something with my photography…

Maybe, I could scale it down a bit and do a photo-a-week, and be more intentional with my art, and create maybe a series of a few pieces. Instead of rushing to take a photo a day…

I don’t know, maybe…

Will feel weird, bad and sad ending something again, but if there were no goal………..

I have the week to think about it… Maybe I should start to focus more on the business side again, Maybe I just needed to start somewhere, and taking a photo a day was easier…

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