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How to Stress Less

Choosing to Stress Less

I’ve discovered the Stoic Philosophy recently and also discovered that I’m a Stoic. More specifically following and have the same beliefs/philosophies as the Stoics did. Although I think there are some things most people believe that stoics and non-stoics can agree on.

I decided to learn more about this philosophy. It caught my attention and I’ve only read about the basics, who knows what more I can learn.

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How to create your Art

How To Create Art

Making it easier to create art

Almost 60 days now, taking a photo… being creative… making art… every day!

I can’t remember why I decided to do this, to create art every day, I will have to go back to day 1 and check, but I know how I keep doing it, and haven’t given up…yet… although the thought crossed my mind once or twice.

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Green Abstract Leaves

Bit of Abstract Art

For today I thought I would use the dead bouquet for one last time before getting rid of it. It still has some leaves and a dead flower or two, but I decided to do what has recently become one of my favourite ways to take macro photographs. Close and Shallow.

Taking macro photographs opens up a whole new world, one I fell in love with.

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