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A Daily Meditation Practice

Meditating Daily

I recently bought the book, Spiritual Practice for Crazy Times by Philip Goldberg

I think it is much needed in my life. Actually, anyone’s life in these crazy times we live in.

It’s been quite a while now that I’ve felt disconnected from Spirit/The Universal/Goddess/Source, and needed to find my way back to a (if not daily) regular practice, a Spiritual Practice that makes me feel…better.

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Clear Blue Skies

We have some Blue Skies in the City

Finally today the sun decided to show it’s face, the clouds made way to reveal the brightest star.

It started late Friday afternoon.

I raced home so we can go pick up the twins from nursery school. As I drove these dark clouds followed. I knew trouble weren’t far away. Thunder and hail are sure to be close by.

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