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Blood-The Gift of Life

Giving the gift of life.

A few years ago I decided to donate blood. I’m not sure why or what motivated me to start donating. Maybe it was just a really good campaign by the SANBS, not sure.

Donating Blood

I’ve donated whenever I’m due to donate again, maybe a few days after or when I have time. I’ve gotten so use to the needle that lately I can’t wait to go and donate blood. I guess I see it as getting my “fix”. A huge needle getting inserted into my arm every 56 days. (I’m also looking to get a new tattoo…I think I like pain)

With the previous donation, the nurse wanted me to donate platelets, I thought about that before, but that would mean sitting for about 90 minutes with a needle in my arm (normal blood donation takes me about 5 minutes).

I’m considering it.

Receiving the gift of life.

The twins were born 3 months prematurely.

They came into this world needing blood.

They were in the NICU for 3 months and in that time had a lot of battles to fight, each their own battle on their own time and in their own way.

It wasn’t until Jayde was suffering from an infection a few weeks after arrival and were put into isolation that she started needing blood again. Blood were also on standby with her 2 operations.

A couple days later Ayden also got an infection and went into the other isolation room next to his sister. He too needed blood/platelets.

The fist time they needed blood we received a phone call from the hospital just as we climbed into bed. The worst call at that time if night. They said all were fine with the twins, they just needed authorization to give them blood.

I think it was after the second time that they needed blood that we decided to give authorization after each visit, just in case.

After those 3 months and all the blood the twins received it opened my eyes and I could actually SEE where the blood goes that gets donated, and I’m so grateful for the people who’s blood the twins received, they truly gave the Gift of Life.

After the twins came home I made a vow to donate blood, every time I’m due to donate blood, just doing my part because I now know where the blood goes, and how desperately the SANBS needs blood.

Other Gifts

In the past you committed to donating at least 4 times a year and on your 4th donation you received a gift from SANBS, every year was something different.

Lately I received a gift every time I went to donate. The gifts are actually pretty awesome sometimes.

When the pandemic just hit I got a 500ml bottle of hand sanitizer and face masks. I also got a few cooler bags, a small camping/fishing chair and the best gift ever was a rechargeable LED emergency light that get used quite often (thank you load shedding).

Today I received another LED light, but of a different kind. A Selfie Ring Light for your cellphone, you know for selfies! But you can also take it off and use it as a portable light to take photos of other objects.. So Cool!!

I just donated ‘normal’ blood today. I will commit to donating platelets maybe next time… But for now, I’m counting down 56 days till my next donation!

Do you donate blood? If not, will you consider doing it? They really need your blood!

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