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Cactus III

Day 14 – Cactus The 3rd

Ah MONDAY! A new week. Let’s hope for a peaceful one!

Today I thought I would photograph the last cactus of the 3 outside.

I also thought instead of focusing ONLY on the one cactus, why not show all three, with the focus on the one and the others behind him, out of focus.

I really like the end result. Almost 100% focus on the front cactus and the others blurring in the background. I also like the ‘warm’ edit of this one.

Day 14

Two Weeks

Can’t believe I finished day 14! Impressive I must say, and I think I saw some growth happening. I really love the fact that instead of only taking my ‘usual’ photograph, I actually take some time (if I’m not happy with the photo) to experiment and sort of think outside the box. Can’t wait to see the results of day 28!

6 thoughts on “Cactus III

  1. Very clever idea… It’s adding more to the story 👍 we have taxi wars down here for the last 3 weeks 😥😢

    1. Thank you..
      OH I heard about the taxi violence, but didn’t take too much notice of it, only heard about it during our violent news.. Strange times..
      Keep safe!!!

    2. Thank you, the DA and the ANC government have given them an ultimatum to make a peaceful decision, if not they are bringing in the army😬 I sure hope they can resolve it peacefully.

    3. I haven’t watched or listened to the news lately. Only catch headlines every now and then. How is it with the taxi wars down there? Any progress?

    4. I am not sure as my gardener insisted on coming to work even although the taxis were not running, he walked quite far before he could get to a station to catch a train. It’s such a shame. If it wasn’t for covid I would have given him a lift 😢

    5. Ah bless him. Some people are just amazing at showing their appreciation.

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