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Close encounter with a Cactus

I bought a new macro lens at the end of 2019.

Beginning of 2019 I played around in the studio and discovered macro photography again and wanted to get a better lens, the quality photographs I got from my Sigma lens was just awful, so I bought a Canon lens and I couldn’t be happier.

These were some of the first test shots I took. Close-ups of 3 Cactus plants we have, taken outside on the patio under the roof using natural, available light.

Cactus plants are probably some of the nicest plants to photograph, they hardly move and they are full of character and texture.

Black & White

I re-edited these photographs in black and white. I recently fell in love black and white photography again and I need to play more with B&W photos/editing. I especially love it when there’s some nice strong contrast in the Black and White photos, so moody.

The Curves

Feels like I’m posting for The Discovery Channel.

What I, discovered, again recently is the Curves tool. It’s probably the best tool to use for contrast, colour and tone. I especially love it with Black & White photographs. You can really push that contrast to get some nice moody images.

I blame this on the Darkroom App. I was looking for a nice app for my new phone to edit my photos as well as sort through all the thousands of photos on my phone. I found (discovered) Darkroom App for iOS. I first thought it’s bit too basic for me and wasn’t sure if it would be any good. But It Is Good!!

You only have your basic editing tools for brightness, Saturation etc, and then the Curves tool and the HSL (Hue-Saturation-Luminance) tool, that’s it. But with those basic tools you can really really do some amazing edits on your photos. I love that App!

I’ll blog about Darkroom sometime. It’s and Amazing Thing!

I thought I would get bored editing my old photogrpahs again, but turning them into Black and White really brings out the creativity again.

Here’s a tip: Try and edit your photos the way you wouldn’t normally do, it might make the photo better, or at least bring out some creativity in you, especially when feeling stuck.

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