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I lost my edits

The photo in this post were taken in 2006, same day as the photos from the blog post I did in January (It’s a Train Smash).

I actually won a photo editing competition in a photographic magazine called PIX (not sure if it still exists). It was an awesome magazine, one of my two favourite magazines of all time.

I won some Adobe software (can’t remember what it was called) with the photo. Excellent feeling to have won something. BUT that’s not what this blog post is about.

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Pandemic Roses

Roses from the Pandemic

Not a very original title, I know… Really can’t think of anything better at this moment! But it does have meaning to me, all that really matters!

October 2019 was the last time I actually photographed something that went on to be printed that went on to be added to my shop. That would be the Protea Prints. The Tulips were photographed in 2018.

Where the hell did the time go? What the AF did I do the last 2 years?? WTF Indeed!

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It’s not only about the Camera Gear you use

The gear you use to create your art.

This is just a little note, to myself, but maybe and hopefully you will benefit from it as well.

Gear isn’t everything.

I use to think that ‘if only I had THAT camera and THAT lens then my photography would be SO much BETTER!

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