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It’s a sad day when a Tree dies

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The Day the Tree died

Our neighbours decided it was time to cut down their tree. I won’t go into why they did it, let’s just say it’s the same as putting a dog to sleep because it barks. Anyway, below is a photo of the tree in question. This photo was taken a while ago when I saw a Burchell’s coucal in the tree. The photo was meant to be used as a blog post about the bird (can you spot the Burchell’s coucal?) and not about the tree that was cut down. It was a beautiful tree!

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Yesterday I decided to clean/start to clean the study. I moved my desk back to where it was so I’m facing the wall again. I faced the entrance previously, but then my back were against the window, and the bright light from outside hitting my computer screen actually gave me headaches sometimes. Now the light/window is on my left, with very little glare on the screen. So Much Better! Probably not good for the Feng Sui, but my health/sanity is more important. With the curtains closed it felt very cramped and claustrophobic behind the desk. Now the room feels bigger. More chi can flow.

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A Very Happy New Year!?

Happy New Year

Happy 2021

Wishing You a Happy and a Very Blessed New Year!

We Made it! I never thought that we will see this day but here it is: 31 December 2020. We can only hope that the New Year will be a happy one. I think 2020 was a great teacher and now in 2021 we have the opportunity to apply what we’ve learnt… if we so choose!

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Night at The Opera

Aria! Opera For Everyone

A Night at The Opera- During a Pandemic

On Sunday we went to a concert at the Pierneef Theatre of my friend and Opera Tenor, Stéfan Louw, called Aria! Opera For Everyone. Stéfan is doing a series of these concerts to raise funds for his wife’s (also my friend) cancer treatments.

This isn’t Opera like you know it, the show is called “Opera for Everyone” and that is exactly what you get.

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A Daily Meditation Practice


Meditating Daily

I recently bought the book, Spiritual Practice for Crazy Times by Philip Goldberg

I think it is much needed in my life. Actually, anyone’s life in these crazy times we live in.

It’s been quite a while now that I’ve felt disconnected from Spirit/The Universal/Goddess/Source, and needed to find my way back to a (if not daily) regular practice, a Spiritual Practice that makes me feel…better.

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