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Close encounter with a Cactus

I bought a new macro lens at the end of 2019.

Beginning of 2019 I played around in the studio and discovered macro photography again and wanted to get a better lens, the quality photographs I got from my Sigma lens was just awful, so I bought a Canon lens and I couldn’t be happier.

These were some of the first test shots I took. Close-ups of 3 Cactus plants we have, taken outside on the patio under the roof using natural, available light.

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Graveyard Gifts

Gifts for the dead

Why do we put flowers or gifts on a tombstone?

The gifts we give after they’re gone, is it for them, is it for us or for other people to see?

Is it to show that yes, indeed, we do remember and yes we do visit on occasion.

Once a year with an anniversary, be it the day they died or the day their birthday would heave been in the mortal world.

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Sandton Photo Walk

Walking in Sandton

In 2011, September 4th me and my friend, also a photographer, hopped on the Gautrain in Hatfield and left for Sandton.

Our mission: Walk the streets and try our hand at Architecture Photography. A Few weeks before we had a taste of that in Pretoria City Center, so we thought we’d give a more modern city a go. Off we went!


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