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2 Today

2 Years Old Today


Your 1st Photo

Can’t believe the two of you are 2 today!

I actually still remember the day this photo was taken, the day we found out mommy were expecting you. We curiously looked at the screen and heard the heart beat and then the Doctor said “congrats, you are pregnant”, showing us on the screen where you were (I still can’t see you) and then he said: “And here’s the other one!”


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Roses are red

Red Roses

As I mentioned before, my passion for nature/still life photography started real early; actually it’s always been that, but the magic and passion really ignited with the arrival of my first digital camera.

I was able to do a setup in studio, take a photograph and immediately see the result. From there I could see if I would need to do a lot of editing to ‘fix’ the photo or if it would be better to just take another photo and do as much as possible in camera.

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Club Music

Club Music

Let’s go Clubbing

One evening in October 2011 I was at home, chilling, relaxing, I don’t remember, when my friend called and asked me if I’m busy, and if not if I would like to earn some monies.

Her friend opened a new gay club/bar in Hatfield and they wanted photos of the opening night, I think the photographer he hired didn’t show up.

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It’s a Train Smash

…Just a Train Smash

We are fortunate in this country to have some nice stuff… and when we are unhappy, we burn that nice stuff to the ground!

I lived close to Transnet’s “train factory” and/or “train graveyard”. I’m not too sure. I had to go in there once and saw there were trains in the big factory warehouses, so I think it might be where they build some trains and also do some repairs.

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Highway Light Painting

Why So Serious?

Sometimes you do stuff with a purpose, sometimes you do stuff and the purpose is just to have fun. I think I lost that purpose… #sadface

This year my motto is/going to be/should be “Have Fun“. If 2020 taught us anything it’s to stop being so serious. Well, for me anyway, everywhere you look it’s just negativity, and seriousness, and sadness, and depression, and just overall yucky. If those around you can benefit from your negativity or seriousness, then be that, but if it’s not benefiting anyone, especially yourself, then it’s time to drop the negativity. Try at least.

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