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The Value you Add to Life

I still haven’t posted the blog I was writing the past month or so, it’s still sitting in “drafts” and I’m not quite sure why, maybe just want to get it perfect, maybe just not ready yet.

In that post I talk about a few topics and one is my goal with my ‘art’/photography. Why I’m doing what I’m doing, and why I have been doing what I’m doing and why I’m still trying to do what I want to do; for the past 20+ years.

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A while ago I had the idea to photograph the clouds and sky every day. It went well, until the day there were no clouds!

I started sharing these photographs on twitter, but why only there?

I’ve built up quite an image library of sunset, sunrise and cloud photographs, so I thought I’ll share my photographs here, on my website as well and grow my website with beautiful images, instead of just adding to a social media where I have to compete against an algorithm and where all my images get lost in the forever scroll.

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