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Clear Blue Skies

We have some Blue Skies in the City

Finally today the sun decided to show it’s face, the clouds made way to reveal the brightest star.

It started late Friday afternoon.

I raced home so we can go pick up the twins from nursery school. As I drove these dark clouds followed. I knew trouble weren’t far away. Thunder and hail are sure to be close by.

Friday Storms

We stopped at the school and saw how the rain approached, within a minute it started raining, water pouring in buckets from the sky. We raced to put the twins in the car, and drove off in a haste, hardly able to see 2 meters in front of us.

I parked the car inside the garage. We unloaded the kids and as soon as we were able to breath a sigh of relief the hail started falling, thunder everywhere and more water falling from the sky. Thankfully the twins weren’t scared and were actually fascinated by mother nature’s performance, which put me at ease.

It rained this whole weekend and this morning it seemed to have cleared up but started again when I went to drop the twins off at school.

It cleared up (for now) to give the earth some breathing room and time for some of the water to evaporate, more rain is predicted for the rest of the week.

Clear Sky
Clear Blue Skies

So far we’ve had a total of 107mm of rain since Friday afternoon. I’m grateful for the rain, and my garden is too!

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