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Close Encounter with a Protea Flower

Day 45 – Protea Macro Photography

For today’s photo of the day I decided to continue photographing the Protea flower and went MACRO!

When you look at a protea, or any flower for that matter, you see a pretty flower.

When you get close and ‘personal’ with a macro lens on your camera, you start to see all the tiny details that you miss and also realize how complex, fragile and delicate a flower can be.

Day 45

More Macro photographs of the Protea

I’m really just in awe of the details and ‘extras’ you get from a protea. In ‘normal’ view the Protea isn’t even a flower I like, but close up! OH WOW just so much to see when you pull the leaves/petals back.

I also tried some ‘fine art’ editing on the photos, adding some textures and warm colours.


The inside of Protea flowers always make me think of Tarantulas aka Baboon Spiders.

“Baboon Spider”

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  1. That’s amazing! All the different textures 👏👏

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