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Club Music

Let’s go Clubbing

One evening in October 2011 I was at home, chilling, relaxing, I don’t remember, when my friend called and asked me if I’m busy, and if not if I would like to earn some monies.

Her friend opened a new gay club/bar in Hatfield and they wanted photos of the opening night, I think the photographer he hired didn’t show up.

I said sure, didn’t ask how much, I was just happy to get out of the house, luckily my camera batteries, at that time were always fully charged. So off I went looking for the club.

I found it, it was, strangely, in a very quiet street, with only music and noise coming from this place.

At the entrance was this big, life size, wire man hanging from the roof. Really strange but really cool to see!

I took photographs of the decor and the people and at the end of the night got paid by the owner. Afterwards I joined my friend at her table and chatted and drank till very early the next morning!

Ah, the good old days of clubbing! I miss those days!

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