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Coral Tree Seeds

Day 38 – Coral Tree Seed Pod

AH My Muse arrived… Kinda…

Woke up this morning, not sure what I would be photographing today.

Had to go to the shops for supplies.

Minding my own business, when I got to the car I saw these RED dots on the floor…


These seeds, as far as I can tell are from some kind of Coral Tree, from the Erythrina species.

I’ve noticed these trees along the roads here in Pretoria recently and around this time of the year they are filled with these bright, very bright red flowers. So pretty. I always wondered what kind of tree it is, now.. I think I know, I’m almost sure it’s Coral Trees. This is one of the trees I drive by here in Pretoria that I absolutely LOVE! (The others are; one with Pink Flowers, one with Yellow Flowers and then the Jacaranda Trees).

Day 38

I started taking my normal, in-studio-shot, with the black back drop, but after 2 photos I thought no, not working.

I put the seed pod on a white piece of paper, and it looked better, but not yet.

I then decided to ignore the photographic advise they give you, “Avoid harsh sunlight” and took my camera, my piece of white paper and the coral seeds outside, in the midday sun!

I love arty feel of the editing, the harsh shadows and the over exposed background.

The only trouble I had was fighting the August winds, blowing my seeds all over the place. Oh and it’s very bright outside, so seeing on the camera screen for focus is nearly impossible… Will get an umbrella next time to cover me and the camera!

Here’s two more that I liked.

Coral Tree Seeds
Coral Tree Seeds

Will keep the seeds (maybe plant them and see if it will grow) and try some low-key studio shots sometime…

I found some very interesting stuff about these Coral Trees if you are interested.

Dave’s Garden: An Introduction to Coral Trees

Gardening Know-How: Learn About Growing Coral Trees

And then old faithful Wikipedia

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