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Day 1 – Photo a Day – Dead Roses

The Birth of Photo-a-Day

Sometimes you just live your life or just float along until you see something on the internet or out there in the real world or even in your own meditative mind that makes you go: AAAAHA That’s maybe an Idea!

I had such a light bulb moment earlier today… and I’m tired of having all these Ideas and not doing anything with them, so I’m running with it… Life is too short for regrets!

The past few blog posts and stuff that’s been on my mind lately is PURPOSE, what is my Purpose in life/with my art, and yesterday I wrote about VALUE, what Value do I bring to the world! I talked about what we can ADD to life, and not what we can GET out of life.

I mentioned that for now what I can add to the world is beautiful flower & nature photographs, put my art out there and maybe someone will see it, pause for a moment…maybe reflect a moment… and then continue with their life.

That idea is basically what I’ve been doing, small scale… Actually I LIE; I’ve neglected my art and photography for the longest time and not really sharing it at all, but I have an idea, and that is to add MORE and DO more.

And so we see the birth of another project.

I’m going to photograph something, every day and share that with the world. A kind of Photo-a-day, Project 365 type of thing. *holding thumbs* I can complete this, or continue with this for at least a year. 365 Days!

The Rules

I’ve set a few rules for myself:

1- I MUST take a photo every day!

2- ONLY allowed to use my DSLR Camera (I’ve neglected my Canon for far too long), not my Iphone (I can take a boat load of images with my Iphone but only those taken with my DSLR will count towards the ‘Photo-a-day’ project)

That is it – only 2 rules.

Then there’s some kind of incentives for me so I will continue with this project.

1- I don’t have to edit and share the photo on the same day that I’ve taken the photo.

2- The difficult part is to figure out what to photograph, taking the photographs should take no more than 20minutes (it’s ok if it takes longer) and Editing must also be quick, not over think, and if it looks good with the first edit, use it.

3- Take a few photos until I’m happy with one, and delete the rest, no need to hoard.

4- Put every photo in my shop for people to buy as Royalty Free images available for non-commercial use.

YES, #4 is probably the biggest incentive, it’s a way for my art to support me in a way and to make it possible for me to photograph more art and print more wall art to sell.

The End GOAL

The goal with this project is to learn more; and you learn by doing.

I’ve done a similar project a few years ago and I could see my photography skill advance the more photos I took, so that is the goal again, the main goal; to get better.

Also it will give me a sense of purpose, a reason to wake up every morning (OK I’m bit too dramatic now) but yes, the prospect of maybe someone paying me for my art is a great incentive and that will definitely motivate me to continue doing this every day, not for the money but for the benefit it will give my art and skill level. (I’ve seen before how an Image taken on Day 70 looks so much better than one taken on Day 6)

If I’m able to sell a few images along the way then that would be an added bonus. I thought I should make it available for purchase for more people to enjoy. HOW? Maybe someone buys an image and use it in a newsletter with 1000’s of subscribers or a journal or on their website with hundreds of thousands of visitors, or something like that. Who Knows!?

That’s not my main focus now, so not gonna break my neck about that now. Maybe if someone buys it they can let me know how they use it.. (I’ll figure the details out later)

DAY 1 – Dead Roses

Day 1 – Dead Roses

Some Roses we bought a year or so ago that were hanging in the guest bathroom… and died.

I still love the textures of dead roses.

(I should really go flower shopping, lately I’ve only been photographing Roses.WTF?!)

Here’s to my new Project… Let’s hope I can continue with this, and let’s see where it leads…Evolve!

6 thoughts on “Day 1 – Photo a Day – Dead Roses

  1. Sounds like a really nice idea. I like your rules too. All the best!

    1. Thank you. Hopefully nothing will stop me. 😬😁 except maybe time. 😃

    2. I just read something that made me think of what you said here… Three things for success 1)your belief in yourself 2) the belief in you by others around you and their support 3) your ability and views on how you handle stress, failure, setbacks and challenges… Something along those lines anyway

    3. thank you, and it’s so true, I especially don’t handle setback too well, but little better than failures… I’m not good with that, but working on it! 🙂

  2. Shoo I wish I could explain my creative journey… I have creative power surges that keep me awake for a couple of days in a row… And it’s like I am full force all the way then bam I have a few days when I can even feel down and tired.. I used to worry that maybe I was bipolar but I and my psychologist have been monitoring it for years and that’s just my creative cycle.

    I had to learn how to work at 70 % so that I would not suffer burn out and not set too high goals but also I learned to embrace my creative surges otherwise if I try to tame myself to a stifling routine I become bland and bored.

    I think as you do more you will learn more about your creative self and you can adjust to what you learn about yourself.

    Nothing is cast in stone especially for creatives, unless you are a sculptor perhaps 😜🤔

    1. I can so relate, this week (wonder if it has something to do with the planets or the moon) I’m full of creative energy, and have so many ideas… And the problem is I don’t know where to start… So made a note of all my ideas, and when I have time I will be able to tackle them… or work on them very slowly, and expand on the ideas… Think I will keep all my ideas close by so I can go over them every day, and slowly work on them so I can have something to do when I have no ideas…
      But yes, the more you do the more you will learn..

      I heard once that Inspiration doesn’t come to you if you wait for it, it only comes when you are busy doing the work. (Or something like that) 🙂

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