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Day 2 – Strawberries & Grapes

Strawberries & Grapes

Day 2 Arrived.

I thought about what to photograph today, had an idea for a flower, then I saw these in the fridge! YES!

Strawberries and Grapes. The twins’ favourite fruit, that and bananas!

Day 2

I love strawberry flavoured stuff, like when I drank protein shake, strawberry flavour, ice cream and milkshakes… but I don’t like the fruit!

I thought more about how to motivate, or keep me motivated to keep on photographing every day, so I decided to time myself so that I can see it doesn’t take ALL day.

1min 40sec – Time to get stuff subject in my studio and setup my camera.

17min 40sec – Time I actually photographed and played around with setups.

19min 50sec – Time it took to Import photos onto computer, put away my camera and clean studio space, make coffee and edit the photos.


I’m not sure where the time went today, so this I admit was a rush job, and the editing is not up to standard, but I’m basically starting from the bottom again. And I’m doing this to get better, baby steps!

5 thoughts on “Day 2 – Strawberries & Grapes

  1. I love it, it’s so summery… And inspiring for eating healthy foods 💕

    1. Thank you. The idea was to get a summer-y vibe.. 🙂

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