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Day 3 – Some Kind of Daisy

A Daisy from our Garden

I bought this (I think it’s some kind of) Daisy plant a year or two ago, planted it in our front garden and it just grew and grew into a sort of small shrub. It really looks amazing when all the probably hundreds (might be exaggerating now) of Daisies on the plant are blooming.

I started photographing this Daisy against a black background, looking at the previews I didn’t like it.

I then moved to a white background. Also didn’t like it.

I then put the daisy on the tiled floor, which is sort of beige/light brown with wooden pattern on…

I Love It!

Day 3


After yesterdays photo which I weren’t very happy about, at all, but that is how you learn and grow, I think I did better today!

What I really love about this Photo-a-Day project is what you learn along the way.

I’ve discovered again and remembered again that I really don’t like High-Key photography, and I don’t like white backgrounds! I don’t really like it bright…

I like, no love Low-Key photography!

So with that info what I can do now is photograph and explore and experiment with high-key photography during this project. Maybe I’ll master it and get to love it. Who knows!

3 thoughts on “Day 3 – Some Kind of Daisy

  1. I love your daisy… Because I love the softness of mid tones and warm colors myself… I agree there’s a learning that goes on all the time. I guess one could challenge oneself along the lines of creating different atmospheres too.

    1. Thank you.
      I also love warm colours myself, warm colours and dark images.
      I figured I have a lot to learn again, that’s what happens when you neglect your art or talent or passion, you loose it… But looking forward to learning again!

    2. So true, but hopefully it will come back soon.

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