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Day 4 – More Strawberries

Strawberries on Black

The Strawberries of Day 2 were haunting me, while I am sleeping and while I’m awake. I had to redeem myself and try again… But with something I’m more comfortable with! Low Key, dark and mysterious!

Okay, not so mysterious. They’re just fruit!

I placed the strawberries on a dark plate, dark background, which you can’t see because I decided a view from the top would look better.

I added some texture on the plate in editing and lighted the white lines on the plate a bit.

Day 4

I think I am happy with the final result today!

Now I can put that nightmare strawberries to rest!


Well it’s the end of the week. Finished with the 4th day and I’m still feeling motivated!

I’ve already got ideas of what to photograph for the next 3 days!

To add to the rules I set myself: I am allowed to take the same subject on different days, like the strawberries, if I really want to I can photograph them every day for the next 10 days, might not look to good by then, but it’s OK, the idea is to photograph every day… That’s how I will learn and grow, by photographing the same subject, differently.

I also learn something, or realised something, a little error on my part.. That is what happens when you don’t take your camera out on a regular basis, I was shooting in Aperture Priority on Day 2, no wonder the photo didn’t look nice. Today I fixed that mistake and back to full manual settings!

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