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Day 5 – More Grapes

Grapes on Black

Day 5 arrived, mom went to work and I’m looking after the twins. They are taking their afternoon nap so it’s the perfect time to photograph my photo for today!

Yesterday I photographed the Strawberries from Day 2 again, so I thought why not the Grapes today. So out with the grapes.

Day 5

I first photographed them from the front, but that didn’t look too good. I placed the grapes in a mortar and it just looked out of place, this big marble mortar and a few grapes hanging from the side, with a little plate next to it.

I then moved the camera little bit up after each shot, a few degrees up and shoot, a few degrees up and shoot, until I ended up looking from above again. PERFECT!

I really like how this came out!

The contrast between the white plate and the black mortar, and the plenty of grapes in the mortar and the few on the plate.

Oh I also decided to photograph with my 50mm lens again. Haven’t used that baby in a very long time. All the photographs so far on here I’ve taken with my 100mm Macro Lens.! Took some time getting use to the tiny 50mm again. Neglected her as well a bit over the years. It’s just that you get so comfortable with what you use, or lazy to try something new. I’ve used the Macro Lens so much it feels like I’m cheating on her with the 50mm.. HAHA

What have we learned?

Today, after editing I saw something. While photographing, doing so test shot earlier without a tripod, I set the ISO to 640. I totally forgot to put it back to 100 when I put my camera on the tripod again. So much grain!!! But it’s ok… Like I said. I’m here to learn again!

If you have neglected your craft for so long, you loose your skill, and you forget to check stuff that was second nature previously!

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