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Death Becomes Her

Death of a Rose

Finally, the roses are dead. The roses I bought on 14 Feb lasted for more than 3 weeks, in a vase. Never before have I seen cut flowers last that long. Just amazing.

Death of a Rose

So for 3 weeks I had to wait to photograph the dead flowers.

Yes, I shoot dead flowers. For me, dead flowers (especially roses) have the most amazing textures, and I really enjoy photographing them.

Each flower has it’s own characteristic, dead and alive, and each flower shows you something different about themselves, not one flower dies the same, and even in death there is still beauty.

Photographing these dead roses I once again saw: 1, how quickly time flies when I’m having fun and 2, how my creativity evolves: the difference between where I start photographing and where I end up, it still WOW’s me.

Some of these roses look like ballerinas, dancing their last dance, and others seem to expose their soul, their essence, just beautiful.

The Ballerinas

Soul of a Rose


I also have about 7 images that I want to have printed and put up in my shop. One series consists of 3 images that show the stages of dying. I love it. Can’t wait to see them printed, the textures of the flowers/petals will really pop on the Hahnemühle Fine Art Paper.

The goal is to send some images away for printing the end of the month. I really need, need to add some new images to my shop. But that’s the problem with my choice to first have images printed before I add them to my shop. To make 100% sure of the quality that takes time because the paper/printing is so expensive, but it’s all so worth it!

3 thoughts on “Death Becomes Her

  1. I love taking photos of roses and lilies through out its life cycle… I feel it is so symbolic of our birth /life / death cycle. 👍👍

    1. that’s so true, I also see the symbolism in the life cycle of a flower. I know we probably ‘cut’ their lives short by picking them, but I guess it’s part of their cycle, even on the plant it dies.

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