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Driving in an ambulance

Driving around in an Ambulance

In 2009 I wanted to enter a photography competition. I can’t remember what the theme was. My idea was something along the line off Heroes, behind the scenes, or something.

I was offered the opportunity to go for a ride-along with a local Ambulance service and take photographs of the night and their work.

Some Action

I drove around with one medic in the car. First call out was to the N4 highway, truck or pedestrian accident. Our assistance weren’t needed there, so we went out on another call to the west of Pretoria, a little girl got sick and were taken to hospital. We then headed out to the east of Pretoria, taxi driving on wrong side of the road hitting a guy on his cycle. Think he wasn’t hurt too bad and didn’t want to go to hospital.

Next we went to a local radio station, the owner/head medic of the Ambulance Service were On Air every Saturday night, chatting with the radio host and talking to the first responders Live on Air, it was like Recure-911 on Radio. Live Action Radio! Very Interesting!

We sat there for a while and then after the show I drove around with the owner and another medic in the car. We quickly went to his home in Villieria and while we were there heard a loud BANG! An Accident near his home.

We jumped in the car and went looking for the accident. His mom called and said she heard on the CB the location of the accident. Driving around the neighborhood, late at night with sirens. Hectic Stuff!

We arrived at the scene, a drunk guy drove through someone’s wall. We were there quite a while. He got taken to hospital, he survived.

That was it, it was past midnight, we went back to the Ambulance Station, and I went home! Couldn’t sleep that night/morning! Too much adrenaline!

After that night I have so much respect for the Ambulance Drivers and Medics out there, and grateful for the services they do, especially in the times we are living today! Bless Them!

I can’t remember if I actually entered the Photo Competition (I know I didn’t win it!), But driving around with heroes were the biggest reward!

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