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Day 30 – Just some eggs

Thought I’d share a few photographs of some eggs and the light that shines on these eggs.

It’s amazing how you can manipulate light or is it shadow, to affect the result of the final image, without editing/manipulation in post.

They often use eggs to illustrate how changing the light source or direction of light or using light modifiers affect the light on a face in portrait photography, probably because eggs resemble the shape of a human face so well.

I took three photographs, the same setup, same exposure settings, only manipulating the light/shadows.

The eggs are placed on a black cloth that is used for the ‘floor’ and the background. There is one light source from the right, available sunlight coming in through a window. That is my setup.

A Study of Light

For this photo (my photo for today) I used a dark cloth on the left hand side to block any light coming from that side and also to absorb the light coming from the right, so there is no illumination on the left hand side of the eggs. Resulting in dark deep shadows.

Day 30

For the second photo I put a piece of white paper on the left hand side to reflect the light coming from the right back onto the eggs and into the shadows, filling in the shadows with light and lighting the eggs completely.

For the last photo I manipulated nothing, there is no light modifiers. The light comes in from the right and light the eggs on the right. There is a white wall about 50cm from the left side, and the dark cloth below and behind the eggs. That is it, the light that falls on the eggs are all available light reflecting from all directions.

This was just a little study to show how one can learn to ‘see’ light… or shadows, and how you can use that to ‘edit’ the photo without editing software to get the result you desire.

2 thoughts on “Eggs

  1. Very nice – your shadows came out nicely , I remember how we had to draw eggs with all its shading to practice our graphite pencil work.

    1. Thank you. I remember seeing on some art channels as well people drawing eggs. 😀

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