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Empty Shell

Day 39 – An Empty Shell

Life is like an empty shell, ready to be filled with knowledge, experiences, passions, other humans.

What you do with your shell is up to you, and no ones business but yours!

My Creativity is like a shell, an e-m-p-t-y shell currently.

I blame the weather, I think it’s the last cold front that is hitting us this weekend before we move into summer… We really only have two seasons, winter and summer, rather autumn with a few cold days…and Summer! Next week we should be peaking at 27 degree again.


I had an idea for a photo today, an idea that I got yesterday with the coral seeds, but it didn’t quite work out the way I thought… I decided to take out my flash and do some artificial (off camera flash) lighting. But the idea needs more practice and the batteries of the flash were getting drained, so I changed direction:

I used an empty snail shell I found in our garden a while ago and put it on a white paper and put the flash on the left side, on the right another piece of white paper to bounce the light back towards the shell to get rid of the shadows and create a high-key photo. It didn’t come out exactly like I envisioned, but I’m happy with the end result.

Day 39

But that is the idea behind this project, to learn more, and practice more, and share the mistakes… I’m not going to sit here and worry about it not being perfect…yet… learning new skills takes time, and the skills I do have I have to scale from photographing humans and animals down to macro shots of shells and seed and flowers. Gonna take practice!

Batteries are being charged now. So this weekend and next week I can play with off camera flash again… I missed that…


This week went by way too quickly… Public Holidays… But thankful that the cold front decided to hit us this weekend, and from next week, warmer weather.

Hears hoping for a peaceful weekend!

Stay Warm!

5 thoughts on “Empty Shell

  1. I like your empty shell idea and what we choose to fill it with IS our choice. Your image feels delicate and I like that, perhaps like more images might come later. We’ll done for keeping on going… And learning along the way.

    1. ah thank you so much.. the idea I had, delicate. guess filling my ’empty’ shell with knowledge now is all I can do, at this moment… learn more…

  2. By the way, did you see my post about shells?

    1. I actually only read it now, hectic week… playing catch up 🙂

  3. […] lighting setup is the actual idea I had for the shell, but didn’t quite get it. I think I figured it out! I REALLY love these […]

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