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Fine Art Leaves

Day 36 – Some Fine Art Photography Leaves

Tuesday… Thanks to the public holiday yesterday it feels like Monday!! Argh.

I hate public holidays.

Does it really serve a purpose?

I mean in today’s age of consumerism, most of the women where working yesterday anyway, in the shops, their own or working for a boss.

I don’t think there is ANY public holiday where all the shops are closed, not even on Xmas day anymore.

So why are half (if it’s even so much) of the population allowed to have/celebrate/relax on a public holiday and the rest are suppose to work.. Does not make sense.

Days of celebrations should rather be changed to something like Valentines day, where the day is just ‘observed’ EVERYONE works and just have a sweet reminder of ‘Love your significant other’ or ‘celebrate the strong women of the world’.


Got the idea for today’s photo from yesterday’s leaf on the wall.

And also the editing, decided to take some photographs of ‘whatever’ these leaves are and make some fine art feeling photographs.

These leaves are VERY fragile, you could hardly touch them or they break.

Managed to photograph them, without breaking them… I think!

Day 36

2 thoughts on “Fine Art Leaves

  1. Haha, I didn’t take it off. I am 58 I know I am woman, Derek always values me irrespective of what day it is… I think it is a little weird but I guess maybe for those that feel undervalued or disrespected in some way one hopes they felt a little better. 🤔🤔🤔

    1. I don’t think anyone really takes off. And yes maybe for the undervalued it might be something. And true. No need to wait to show the women in your life their worth.

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