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Fruit Basket

Day 8 – Fruit Basket

On Day 8. Staying with fruit… Today is a fruit basket containing bananas and grapes.

Again I started with the camera from the front, changing the setup and rearranging the fruit between each photograph. I even ate one. Nothing looked right.

Me and the fruit basket then moved to the kitchen where I used available light coming from the window, tripod on the counter and photographing the fruit from the top. I also decided to use my 50mm lens again. Starting to enjoy photographing with the little one.

I think I like the end result!

Day 8

What have we learned?

Nothing really, just to keep on going. If I’m not 100% happy with the shot, take a break for a few minutes, walk around, change photo location. Maybe inspiration will hit!

Below is a fun animation of how I played around with the setup, moving the fruit around till I’m happy with the setup.


2 thoughts on “Fruit Basket

  1. Ooh I like that contrast of dark and light, like yin and Yang! It reminds me of the chiaroscuro Light and dark) technique of the old masters. I am not a photographer but from and artistic point of view I like it.

    1. Thank you so much. New word learned. 😊 According to Wikipedia the technique used in photography and film. I shall read more about it.
      But yes. I love contrast.

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