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Yesterday I decided to clean/start to clean the study. I moved my desk back to where it was so I’m facing the wall again. I faced the entrance previously, but then my back were against the window, and the bright light from outside hitting my computer screen actually gave me headaches sometimes. Now the light/window is on my left, with very little glare on the screen. So Much Better! Probably not good for the Feng Sui, but my health/sanity is more important. With the curtains closed it felt very cramped and claustrophobic behind the desk. Now the room feels bigger. More chi can flow.

I like the idea of minimalism and owning less stuff, or owning only stuff I really need and that brings me joy. With that concept/idea in mind I occasionally get rid of stuff that’s in my way or that I don’t use anymore.

I’ve also cleaned out the desk drawers yesterday so less stuff in there as well. Everything that I use that were lying on my desk now moved to the drawer, except a pen and pencil and ruler, and a cup of coffee! Now it’s clean and spacious and I feel good.

On the other ‘messy’ desk I found our little Lord Ganesha ‘shrine/candle holder’ thing. He found a spot on my desk.


Ganesha is now also on my desk, and not under a mess, candle burning to help bring clarity and put me in a relaxed mood.


I can’t remember why we have him, but some interesting stuff I found out about Lord Ganesha:

Ganesha, a Hindu God is identified by his elephant head. He is the God of new beginnings, success & wisdom and the remover of obstacles.

He is widely revered, more specifically, as the remover of obstacles; the patron of arts and sciences; and the deva of intellect and wisdom. As the god of beginnings, he is honoured at the start of rites and ceremonies. Ganesha is also invoked as patron of letters and learning during writing sessions. Several texts relate mythological anecdotes associated with his birth and exploits.

It’s actually very fitting, especially for the “new year”. Maybe he will help me find some direction and remove some obstacles for me and maybe bring some success!

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  1. That’s amazing, it’s an answer to a piece of art I am doing at the moment. Literally yesterday I was thinking… Why did I choose an elephant? (it’s just the shoulders and head that is most visible. For part of this art piece. I always look for meanings. Thank you.

    1. You’re Welcome… 🙂 here is a piece I found that actually has a nice ‘story’ of the origin of the Ganesh:

    2. Thank you, I will go have a look at it 👍👍

  2. Did you change your blog address or something? Because I was certain I was already following you but then today I saw that I wasn’t? Not that it matters really. Just curious.

    1. Hahah. No. Still the same it’s been since the beginning.
      I also just discovered the whole following thing on wordpress’s app. 😆

    2. Maybe my wifi was up to maggots when I thought I’d followed you, either that or my brain is 😂

    3. Haha. No worries. I actually use an RSS feeder to follow. But seems the WordPress app might be easier.
      Thank you for the follow. Much appreciated 🙏

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