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Day 22 – Grass Like Plant

I quickly went to the shops earlier and felt that it’s actually quite nice outside today, unlike my COLD studio. So I thought I would take today’s photo outside in the garden.

We’ve got these grass like plants, which sorry to say haven’t been watered in a very long time (I don’t really water the garden during winter months) but somehow it still grows.

I decided to get close and photograph these grass-like strands of the plant, do some selective focusing with a shallow depth of field for some nice effects.

I like how the ‘grass’ blur gives this effect of a long exposure of running water, giving it some sort of motion effect.

Day 22

Plus 6

I had a blast photographing this plant and thought to myself why did I give myself a limit of only one photo? I know it’s “photo-a-day” But why not share more…if there are more worth sharing. As long as they were taken on the same day!

Who made up that stupid rule!!??

So here’s 6 more that I photographed… Truth is I couldn’t decide which one to keep so that’s why there is more that 1 Photo a Day Today!


This coming spring/summer it’s me and the garden. Need to make it look bit better than what it does now. So plants and designing and planing all going on at the moment in my head.

The one thing that I am going to remember is to keep the tags and names of the plants we buy, so I can’t stop referring to them as ‘grass-like’ or something like that!

I can’t wait to start gardening!!

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  1. Really lovely in black and white 🌾

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