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Day 12 – The Grass between the Rocks

AH Saturday..The weekend.. Still trying to get use to my new keyboard, and thinking of what to photograph today…

MMMMM I saw some sort of grass growing in a pot with a tree in outside, I think the grass is from the bird seed that we give the birds in their bird feeder. Messy little birds, playing with their food.

I decided to take a macro shot of the grass. I started with a few horizontal photos, then also tried taking some vertical photos, haven’t done that in a while, but I didn’t like the end result of the verticals, so chose the horizontal one. I like the added sunlight, and the natural sun spots on the grass is a bonus, ads to the effect.

Day 12

3 thoughts on “Grass

  1. So pretty, it’s calls quite a nostalgic feeling for me. I used to love to play in the long grass when I was a kid.

    1. Ah Thank you so much, so happy you like!

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