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Graveyard Gifts

Gifts for the dead

Why do we put flowers or gifts on a tombstone?

The gifts we give after they’re gone, is it for them, is it for us or for other people to see?

Is it to show that yes, indeed, we do remember and yes we do visit on occasion.

Once a year with an anniversary, be it the day they died or the day their birthday would heave been in the mortal world.

A Personal Project

A few years ago I wanted to photograph tombstones. I was fascinated by them, still am, especially the old ones, the ones that have seen a few years worth of neglect. Because face it, graveyards and cemeteries are being neglected.

I discovered a few tombstones that had ‘gifts’ on them, something more than flowers, and my focus shifted, and I started having questions, the questions mentioned above.


Seeing that I don’t know the answers to the questions; I started a project, a passion project if you will, to photograph tombstones and their gifts.

I recently discovered these photographs again and I remembered my personal project that I started, and neglected. I am eager to go out again and find more gifts to photograph.


I thought about why I wanted to photograph these gifts. What would be my motivation for going out and seeking these personal gifts.

I thought and thought and I think maybe I want to photograph and share these gifts meant for the departed and maybe a loved one would discover these photos, see that their gifts have been seen, their gifts aren’t for nothing, and I got the opportunity to photograph a beautiful memory, and maybe learn something about the departed soul.

In Memory Of

I’ve written a poem a few years ago about a tombstone. It makes sense now, reading the poem again, maybe photographing these gifts; these gifts are there “In Loving Memory Of…” and I get to meet that special soul that are lying there in Loving Memory.

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