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Green Abstract Leaves

Bit of Abstract Art

For today I thought I would use the dead bouquet for one last time before getting rid of it. It still has some leaves and a dead flower or two, but I decided to do what has recently become one of my favourite ways to take macro photographs. Close and Shallow.

Taking macro photographs opens up a whole new world, one I fell in love with.

The normal macro photography is usually of something small being photographed so that it becomes big for everyone to see, like the photos I took on Sunday of the bug, but what I discovered and quite enjoy is photographing part of a leaf or flower, focusing on a small part to be in focus and using a very shallow depth of field, creating lots of blur, with some abstract lines all over the place, like I did with the grass-like plant last month.

Day 57

Some More.

A few more abstract art pieces of leaves.


I’m so tired of typing leaf and then leafs, and then having to correct it… OMW, the English language is weird.


I had an idea, just now…

Yesterday I thought of maybe bringing this challenge to an end… But today I think, maybe not…yet…

I’ve only taken a few of these abstract photographs. Why not explore that more… Create More.

Maybe that could be my ‘niche’. I dunno, maybe there could be some gems… hidden…

And buying a bouquet every week or two could only benefit my art and make our environment pretty too.

Mmmmmm…thinking again!

Maybe…. I really enjoyed. NO.

I really ENJOY taking a photo a day, and don’t want to stop now, I think maybe I was afraid of running out of subject to photograph, but taking some abstracts every day…. I could work with that!

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