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Highway Light Painting

Why So Serious?

Sometimes you do stuff with a purpose, sometimes you do stuff and the purpose is just to have fun. I think I lost that purpose… #sadface

This year my motto is/going to be/should be “Have Fun“. If 2020 taught us anything it’s to stop being so serious. Well, for me anyway, everywhere you look it’s just negativity, and seriousness, and sadness, and depression, and just overall yucky. If those around you can benefit from your negativity or seriousness, then be that, but if it’s not benefiting anyone, especially yourself, then it’s time to drop the negativity. Try at least.


Experiments & Fun

Having decided to share some of my old photographs (still not really quite sure why) I discovered these photos.

I took my trusty 350D with me one evening in June 2009 when I had to go to Johannesburg. Seeing that it’s digital I could afford to have some fun with it.

Highway to…?

Here’s what I did:

I set my camera to “BULB” mode; meaning that as long as I pressed and kept the shutter button in, the shutter will stay open letting all the light in and ‘exposing’ the image until I release the shutter button again. That would be… a long exposure! Depending on how long you keep the shutter open, it can be………………………. a VERY long exposure!

You can use this feature/setting to photograph the night sky, flowing water or painting with light and some other creative ways as well.

While I was driving (don’t try this at home kids) I held the camera in my hand, and as I was driving I pressed the shutter release button and kept the shutter open for x amount of seconds to expose the light trails of the passing cars, street lights and any other light that crossed my path.

It actually resulted in some ‘funky’ art, which doesn’t look too bad.

These photographs doesn’t really have a purpose other than to remind myself that I should have fun, I actually did have fun in my ‘younger days’. I did a lot of experiments and fun stuff with photography and my camera, I should do that more, stop being so serious and waiting for the perfect photo opportunity.

I survived 2020, who knows if I’ll survive 2021, but while I wait to find out, I will HAVE FUN!

2 thoughts on “Highway Light Painting

  1. That is a great way to explore and be. I agree this year needs lighting up. What you share about your photography is informative too. 🎶👍

    1. Thank you, glad you enjoy it! 🙂

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