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How I Organize my Photos on My iPhone

Time to Organize my Camera Roll on my Iphone

Recently I decided that it was time to get some organization going on my phone’s camera roll. I had just a little over 6200 photos and it was just getting a bit overwhelming. About 95-98% of all those photos are of the twins since they were born; 20 months ago. The rest of the 2-5% are some nature photos I took whenever I see a nice scenery, some screenshots of ‘stuff to buy’ and maybe a selfie or 2.

I did some searches and watched some videos of people who done it before. The only real thing I realized was that 6000 photos weren’t that many compared to some with 20000 plus photos… on their iPhones. WOW.

How I’m organizing and culling my iPhone photos

I start with creating two albums for each month, A & B. Then I copy all the photos of each month to their respective albums (Album A). This makes it a bit more manageable and less overwhelming to start the culling.

The next step is to go into each month’s album and using the “heart” I favourite all the photos that I really, really, REALLY like. Then using the new ‘filter’ feature in IOS 14 I show only the Favourites, copy them to a Album B. I then remove the Favourites from Album A (not delete) and the remaining photos (not favourites) I delete from my Camera Roll.

This process is what works best for me, and proofs to be the easiest.

What I also love about the new Photos App feature is that you can create folders and create albums within those folders, so I have a 2019 folder with all the months within that specific folder. (this might be an old feature, but I only discovered it recently)

I’ve completed every month now, except 3 months.

The 3 most difficult months to delete photos from

Most of the Albums on my phone has less than 100 photos now, some even as little as 40 and my camera roll has just over 3400 photos total, almost 50% less than what I started with.

There are 3 months/albums that I’m really struggling to cull and delete photos from. Those being the first 3 months of the twins’ lives.

The 3 months that they were in hospital. Each photos is so special and has a lot of meaning. Each photo brings back the emotions of seeing them for the first time and visiting them every day in hospital, all the troubles and health issues they had to endure.

I’ll probably go through them some time and at least delete the blurry ones, even those are special.

Ok, to be honest I didn’t really go through those 3 albums, because the emotions… Too many emotions!

Continue The Good Work

Now I just have to continue doing what I’m doing, and keep the system going. The easiest would probably be to cull photos every day, or after every ‘photo shoot’. But if I forget; copy all the photos at the end of the month and Favourite my favourites.

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