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How to create your Art

How To Create Art

Making it easier to create art

Almost 60 days now, taking a photo… being creative… making art… every day!

I can’t remember why I decided to do this, to create art every day, I will have to go back to day 1 and check, but I know how I keep doing it, and haven’t given up…yet… although the thought crossed my mind once or twice.

I’ve just watched a video on the ‘tubes’ by Rafi from Rafi and Klee Studios, an artist who’s YouTube channel I discovered quite a while ago and although he is a painter I get a lot of value from his videos. Just awesome!

He posted a video recently on making it easy to create art, my inspiration for this post, and also made me realize why, or how it is that I haven’t given up yet…

The Easy answer: Just make it easy!

So what do I mean by that, you ask?

Well it really is just that, however you create your art, take the resistance away, the thing that takes up your time before you are able to create your art… Get rid of that (if you can).


I take a photo a day. I need my camera, I need my tripod, and a table where I put the object I photograph on.

So to take the resistance away:

My camera is out and on the tripod, 24/7, I don’t pack it away, and it’s standing in front of the table ready to be used because having to set up every morning will cause resistance, will give me an excuse not to take a photo.

I have to mention that the study/studio door remains closed when the twins are home, they would not play nice with my camera…

It’s as simple as that.

If you draw or paint, if you can, leave your paint brushes or pencils out, or at least make it easy to start the next day, have your canvas or papers ready to be used. Try and make it as effortless as possible to just START!

Going Retro

Day 58

I bought a bouquet today, a big bunch of Daisies, it seems the majority of bouquets consists of at least 90% daisies.

There are two other flowers in this bouquet, a Lily and a carnation, I kid you not, the ONLY two other flowers.. But it’s OK, it looks pretty on the dining room table.

I photographed the inside of the pink lily and the green stems and the pink petals gave me a vintage, 80’s retro kinda feel to it, dunno why. Maybe that’s just me.

I also went with the macro-abstract-art kinda vibe again that I mentioned yesterday, told you it’s my new passion.

Will actually look nice on a wall, a nice retro living room maybe!

Pink Retro Wall Art

3 thoughts on “How to create your Art

  1. Yes I agree with you, that’s how I work. I have a station where I do art, my desk where I write and my sewing machine stands on the sewing table always. I also have a basket with my basics for journal and notes and small sketches that goes from room to room when I follow the warmest room of the house in winter. My children are grown up so I don’t have to worry about little meddlers 😁 I love the photo.

    1. haha, thank you so much. At least they still too short to open door, but they will probably find a way soon, they too clever for their size…

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