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How to Stress Less

Choosing to Stress Less

I’ve discovered the Stoic Philosophy recently and also discovered that I’m a Stoic. More specifically following and have the same beliefs/philosophies as the Stoics did. Although I think there are some things most people believe that stoics and non-stoics can agree on.

I decided to learn more about this philosophy. It caught my attention and I’ve only read about the basics, who knows what more I can learn.

So, I thought I will share it here, my take on it. Some of the discoveries I make. Why? Well, I take a photo a day, I post the photo and write a blog, instead of doing a journal entry, might as well just DO IT here! Who knows, maybe someone lands on my blog and might just learn something interesting, or something about themselves… WHO Knows! That’s how I discovered Stoicism.

So how can you stress less from a stoic point of view?

One philosophy is to focus on what you can control and what you can’t.

What do you have you control over? What don’t you have control over? What can you change and what can’t you change?

By becoming aware and focusing on what you can control; what you have power over, you will have less stress..

If you worry about things that you can’t control, you are only making yourself miserable and unhappy and filling your day/life with unnecessary stress. Stress that can make you ill.

Day 59

You can’t change the past, what happened, happened, what has been done, has been done, focus on the future, make choices now that will change YOUR future for the better.

Take our current lives, the pandemic happened, however that happened, we can’t control that, so don’t stress about that. Only focus on what you can control NOW, wear your masks, keep your distance and wash your hands.

Find what you can control, and give that your attention.

Don’t stress over the things you have NO control over, rather use that energy to focus on what you can control and make your life better… and stressing less.

PS. I’m not a great philosopher, I just share my take on an idea;

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