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Impala Lily

Day 7 – An Impala Lily

Today was a fun shoot. I thought I would give some high-key photography a go again!

I had another idea for a photo today but then I saw our little Impala Lily and her flowers, so I thought I HAVE TO photograph that.

WHY? Well we have 2 Impala lilies. NEVER had any flowers, since we got them a couple of years ago, no flower what so sever. Then I got some advise from a nursery somewhere in Pretoria on (while I was still on) Instagram. They asked how often I watered the plants and suggested I water less often. Within a month we had our first flower! AMAZING! and WOW. Since then they have flowers every now and then, but no seeds yet! Hopefully someday. I’m just happy about the flowers!

Day 7

For this shot I went outside. I put the Impala Lily on a chair and used a scrim between the lily and the sun to create a bright white background.

I tried to go for a minimal type of look. I don’t know I get some sort of Chinese-style type of vibe from this photo, not too sure, but I like the end result. Edited it to lessen the brightness a bit and changed the background colour slightly from a bright white to a more warmish hue.

Behind the Scenes

The Setup

Here is a photo of the ‘behind the scenes’. Camera on a tripod with Lily on a chair in front of the scrim and the low winter morning sun shining through creating the white background.

2 thoughts on “Impala Lily

  1. Wow I admire the technology behind photography.

    1. 😊 thank you. I love trying new things and new ways of photographing. Also get the chance now to experiment with ideas I had from long ago.

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