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It’s a sad day when a Tree dies

The Day the Tree died

Our neighbours decided it was time to cut down their tree. I won’t go into why they did it, let’s just say it’s the same as putting a dog to sleep because it barks. Anyway, below is a photo of the tree in question. This photo was taken a while ago when I saw a Burchell’s coucal in the tree. The photo was meant to be used as a blog post about the bird (can you spot the Burchell’s coucal?) and not about the tree that was cut down. It was a beautiful tree!

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Burchell’s coucal in Tree

Well, this morning I heard the sound I hate the most, the sound of a chainsaw. When I hear that sound I know a tree is about to ‘get it‘. Just SAD!


I had a thought while I watched the tree being cut down. What if this pandemic wasn’t caused by an animal (are we still going with that as the cause?) but caused by Trees. Trees that are tired of being cut down to make room for bricks and plaster and metal! What if the Trees decided: “Hey! You don’t like Oxygen (Cause you do know we are the ones that are creating it) How about we give you a taste of what it feels like without that Oxygen.. Here you go, a little virus that will cause you to struggle to breath!! Nice Hey?! So? You still need oxygen? Or are you be OK without it? #AskingForaFriend

Ok, I’m sorry, bit pissed off about that tree being cut down because of a stupid reason. Besides the tree that is gone now, I don’t even want to think about all the bird’s nests/homes that were lost during operation KILL-TREE!

5 thoughts on “It’s a sad day when a Tree dies

  1. I one hundred percent agree with you. I feel bad throwing pips out because they could grow into trees 😀 I wish people would get with the earth program. Environmental awareness is so important and not just awareness but being active. We should be providing more trees for animals and oxygen. I feel your pain. 😢😢

    1. ah thank you. I’m not sure if I’m sad/angry for the tree or for the birds the most.
      I get it (sad as it is) that sometimes a tree needs to go, but then at least 1) make sure there are no birds’ nests, so take your time cutting it down if you REALLY need to, 2) replace the one you cut down with 2 new trees/shrubs/plants.
      I’ll replace the tree in my garden, planning on planting 4/6 mini trees/shrubs in my front garden to block some of the sun from the windows. 🙂 Then birds can move in there 🙂

  2. I agree with you! When we moved to our new home almost nine years ago, there was only one tree in the garden. Today, we have more than 15 trees at various stages of growth. I cannot wait for my retirement when I can wander through the garden and hug all my trees.

    1. I remember it looking very empty, there’s a few trees I love at your place! Wish I had the space for a few big trees!!

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